GDC is a renowned aircraft modifications and technology company globally approved by both Airbus and Boeing for Next Generation narrow and wide body aircraft structural and system refinements.


Taking a green aircraft and evolving it into a VVIP level flying masterpiece takes vision – ours and yours. GDC provides a seamless, single contact modification experience for clients from the moment their ideas are shared through every design, engineering, manufacturing and finishing benchmark along the way.

Our advanced operations management systems — known as Synchronicity℠ — and LEAN-engineered infrastructure enable us to design, engineer, manufacture, install, and certify GDC’s luxury interior modifications and technology entirely in-house. This enables us to deliver our clients’ aircraft on schedule and with uncompromising quality. GDC’s narrow-body aircraft projects include Boeing BBJ and Airbus ACJs for VVIP and corporate clients from Asia to Europe to the Middle East. In fact, GDC was the first to induct the 787’s for complete VVIP modification – leading the industry in modifying next generation aircraft.

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GDC’s aggressive global expansion will ensure that our facilities are within four flying hours of clients — and solidify the company as a truly international player in the aircraft modification industry.

The acquisition and launch of GDC Engineering in Germany gives the company a strong base in Europe. In 2014, we announced the creation of GDC Technics Africa, which will be based in Morocco. When open, the facility will provide modification and MRO services to aircraft owners primarily in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Our major presence in the U.S., Europe and soon in Africa positions GDC as a truly global player in the aircraft modification and MRO industries.

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GDC’s US facilities now top over 1.1 million square feet of interior space, including the new aircraft tech-ops, technology development and manufacturing center at Alliance Airport in Fort Worth, Texas.

A stunning 840,000 square feet, the Alliance center encompasses three floors and includes hangar space for six wide-body aircraft and four narrow-body planes simultaneously. The facility includes design, engineering, manufacturing, as well as in-house structural and flammability testing for cabin modifications. Alliance also houses our administrative and executive offices. In San Antonio, Texas, GDC’s 340,000-square-foot hangar and manufacturing operation remains a focal point for government and certain Head-of-State projects, and is also one of GDC’s primary engineering hubs.

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With a formidable force of 300 engineers, GDC Technics ranks among industry leaders in engineering savvy and innovation — particularly in the realm of advanced-technology aircraft such as the B787, B747-8 and A350.

GDC has significantly advanced its engineering capacity with the addition of GDC Engineering based on Munich, Germany. In addition to Munich, the core of the engineering department is located at our Dallas/Fort Worth headquarters and San Antonio flagship facility. These top professionals engineer new OEM production design as well as modifications to systems and structures, including electrical, mechanical, fuselage/wing/empennage, avionics, CMS, IFE, and our palatial luxury interiors. To maintain a continuous and comprehensive level of service, GDC engineers are staffed at locations around the world including Seattle (U.S.), Montreal (Canada), Toulouse (France), and Bournemouth (England).

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    With VVIPs and Heads of State as our core clientele, GDC has developed an exacting, hands-on system to ensure not only client satisfaction, but client involvement at every step

    GDC assigns a dedicated technical program team to each project which liaise directly with an individual customer representative. Their collective oversight empower projects to progress efficiently on time and on budget. GDC avails client representatives comfortable office spaces conveniently located adjacent to the aircraft, welcomes them into the company fold, and treats them like family.

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    GDC’s culture is fueled by uncompromising integrity and an unwavering dedication to perfection.


    GDC Technics is at the vanguard of building modified aircraft that are lighter — 20 percent lighter than the industry standard — and thus more efficient and effective, without sacrificing strength, durability or flight range.


    GDC’s cabin modifications are engineering and luxury wonders to behold. Our designers and artisans create living and working environments possessing both ergonomic functionality and aesthetic excellence.

    Master artisans combine world-class craftsmanship with the finest leathers, fabrics and high-performance materials – including incredibly strong yet lightweight alloys and composites – to deliver bespoke VVIP cabins unrivaled in performance, luxury and safety.

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    GDC’s proprietary management process, Synchronicity℠, assures highly efficient projects with minimum downtime with the finest of results.

    Synchronicity℠ enables GDC team members the ability to constantly analyze, refine and focus all project details to ensure a timely and precisely executed modification plan. This harmonious approach to modification creates a seamless environment for our team, and a greater peace of mind for our clientele.

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    GDC facilities are secured 24/7 by guards. Their patrol work and monitoring of advanced surveillance systems ensure the safety of clients’ aircraft around the clock.


  • FAA Certified Repair Station (No. UV7R888N)
  • European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA.145.5622)
  • GACA AMO-330F (KSA)
  • FAA Certified Organization Designation Authority (ODA)