October 20th, 2021 – Fort Worth, Texas — GDC Technics LLC announced today its Quick Change Freighter (QFC) Project. This QCF is the first FAA STC not done under the temporary authorization for a main deck lightweight zero-passenger freighter conversion. GDC Technics is offering not only the STC, but also a full kit to convert the aircraft to a main deck zero passenger freighter in less than 48 hours with the ability to convert the aircraft back to the passenger configuration in as little as 72 hours with the first GDC QCF STC and kit available for customers in January of 2022. Brad Foreman, CEO of GDC Technics said, “This project was driven by two powerful market forces, first; the excess number of aircraft not being used in the passenger market for the short to medium term and second; the supply chain disruptions that are putting increasing demand for low weight, high value components such as chips for automobiles that need quick delivery by air.”

The Quick Change Freighter will allow the aircraft operator to convert the aircraft between a passenger and freighter configuration based upon market opportunities with unmatched flexibility. The customer has a choice of four different options from GDC Technics for the conversion package:

  1. Just the STC and the operator makes its own kit. (Netting, etc.)
  2. STC and low cost kit provided by GDC (Netting, etc.)
  3. STC and medium cost kit provided by GDC (Netting, pallet, etc.)
  4. STC with GDC’s new Modular Cargo Container System “mc2 System” This allows the aircraft to be efficiently load in approximately one hour. This new systems will make the weight and balance calculation and loading process very simple and efficient.

Bill Tarpley, CEO of Mammoth Freighters LLC added, “Every airline should have at least the option to do this conversion at any time on some of its aircraft to meet spot market needs as well as some longer term trends in the new global supply chain. This can be a very powerful tool for an airline.”

An example of the versatility and capabilities of the GDC Technics Quick Change Freighter solution is as follows: in the case of the B777-200LR, the GDC Quick Change Freighter solution will provide airlines with a main deck cargo payload of 29,603.5 lbs. (13,379 kilos) with a cubic volume of 3,655 cubic ft. (103.3 cubic meters). This is in addition to the aircraft’s existing lower cargo compartment from the original equipment manufacturer.

The first kit for the wide body aircraft will be the B777, followed by the A330. GDC will introduce narrow and wide body models in the coming months. GDC will be providing an FAA STC with EASA validation through its in-house ODA and DOA.

About GDC Technics. GDC Technics is a world-class aircraft modification and technology company with extensive expertise in MRO services, Modifications, Technical services and GDC Electronics. GDC Technics is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas with multiple worldwide locations across North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. For more information, see www.gdctechnics.com.


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