August 6, 2019 – Fort Worth, Texas


GDC Technics, an industry leader in aircraft modifications, MRO services, technical services, and electronic systems, constructed a customized interior cabin for a confidential head-of-state customer that weighs in 1,000 pounds below project estimates.

The B777 is equipped with the latest GDC Technics electronics services that provide industry-leading inflight data, connectivity, and passenger comfort capabilities, including a full security system, forward- looking, quad, downward zoom, and tail fin cameras, dual L Band and SATCOM system, KA-Band Antenna, Iridium system and Satellite TV Antenna providing live 4K Television. The wide-body aircraft also contains a lower lobe crew rest compartment and unique design systems allowing for three custom showers with on-demand hot water heaters. Along with these features, the aircraft was completed with bespoke design pieces, including 3D printed decorative light fixtures, embossed panels with embroidering and decorative stitching, certified decorative lamps and sconces, and FAA approved side-facing taxi, take- off and landing (TTL) seats.

“With this aircraft, GDC Technics continues to prove our industry-leading expertise, skills, and abilities to succeed in aircraft modification programs,” said Brad Foreman, GDC Technics CEO. “We are continuing our trend on delivering aircraft with innovative designs and nanotechnology materials that are far below the estimated weight – resulting in a more fuel efficient and longer range aircraft,” Foreman added. “GDC Technics continues to prove that it is the best place for heads of state to come to receive world-class modification services and state-of-the-art electronic systems.”

The company plans to maintain its industry leadership in VVIP modification services, while leveraging its comprehensive capabilities and customized solutions with new markets such as commercial and military to further offer MRO services, modifications, completions, technical services and electronic systems.

About GDC Technics

GDC Technics is a world-class aircraft company with extensive expertise in Modifications, MRO services, Technical services and Electronic systems. GDC Technics is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas with multiple worldwide locations across North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. For more information, see
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