October 21, 2019 - Fort Worth, Texas


GDC Technics, an industry leader in aircraft engineering & technical services, modifications, electronic systems, R&D, government services, and MRO services, revealed its enhanced company brand to the public as it approaches its twentieth anniversary.

GDC Technics was originally founded in 2000 and has since grown from a single-service modifications business into a world-wide company capable of providing a wide variety of in-house services. Through the company’s growth, it adopted the tagline: Engineering the Impossible℠ to establish its commitment to being a customer-focused company and a leader in the aviation services industry. Now, GDC Technics takes another step forward and reintroduces itself to the world with an enhanced logo and color scheme.

“This brand enhancement is something we’ve been working toward and we know these changes will exemplify our drive and our intent to stand out as the best aircraft modifications company in the world,” said Brad Foreman, GDC Technics CEO. “Every aspect of this enhancement will help further prove our industry-leading expertise, innovative designs, and abilities to succeed in aircraft modification programs.” Forman added, “Our work speaks for itself, now our brand will do the same.”

Included in the brand enhancement is the introduction of a new logo icon of concentric circles and a Royal Blue accent color that expresses the qualities and values of GDC Technics. The company has also upgraded its website and social media accounts to reflect the enhancements it has made.

“GDC Technics has truly taken on a new personality with these expanded services that amplify our company offerings,” said Jacqueline Martinez, Director of Marketing and Design. “We have taken massive strides as a company and we needed to match our brand to reflect that change. After all these years of advancement, and through crafting a strong strategic vision for the company, we were really able to hone in on who GDC Technics is and how our brand should represent us to the world. And our new icon does just that.” Martinez added, “The introduction of our new icon and accent color signifies GDC’s belief in limitless possibilities, inventive qualities, and perpetual advancement. As we approach our twentieth company anniversary, this brand enhancement will help show how fully GDC Technics has progressed.”

About GDC Technics

GDC Technics is a world-class aircraft company with extensive expertise in Modifications, MRO services, Technical services and Electronic systems. GDC Technics is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas with multiple worldwide locations across North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. For more information, see
Please contact Jacqueline Martinez for additional information regarding GDC Technics capabilities and services.
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