Geneva, Switzerland, May 24th, 2016— the GDC Group has announced excellent progress on its development of the Supplemental Type Certificates (STC) for the installation of the Honeywell’s Ka-Band JetWave hardware on different Boeing and Airbus aircraft. The FAA/EASA STCs will be finalized during the 1st quarter of 2017 and the aircraft types that are involved include those in Boeing Business Jet, Airbus Corporate Jet and Commercial configuration. 

GDC is using its significant in-house engineering, manufacturing, installation and certifications capabilities to complete the work, the engineering and certifications will be carried by GDC Engineering in Munich Germany and the installation and final ground and flight test will be carried by GDC Technics in Fort Worth, Texas. The first batch of STCs to be completed on 1st quarter 2017 will cover the following aircraft types: 

1) The Boeing B747-300/400, 

2) The Boeing 777-200/300, 

3) The Boing B737-600/700/900 (Boeing Business Jet I,II and III); and 

4) The Airbus 320/319 (Airbus Corporate Jets) 

The second batch of STCs will cover the Airbus A330/340 and will be completed by the third quarter of 2017. 

These STCs will provide the aircraft owners and operators’ access to the fastest, most reliable internet in the sky. The main features include HDTV live streaming, advanced In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) and Office features, Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) telephony, Virtual Private Network (VPN), High Definition (HD) video conference, high-speed internet, social media and any internet accessible applications. 

‘Through the integration of the latest inflight connectivity capabilities; GDC continues to demonstrate its commitment to innovation. In November 2014 we signed an agreement with Honeywell to develop STCs for the installation of the latest technology Ka-band capabilities in both Airbus and Boeing platforms and now we are on our way to fulfil our commitment to aircraft owners and to Honeywell,’ said Mohammed Alzeer, General Partner, GDC Technics. ‘The Ka-band delivers consistent in-flight worldwide streaming of HD IFE. This game-changing technology allows operators to experience the long-anticipated convenience of in-flight connectivity that is as good as at-home and in-office features.’ Alzeer added.

About GDC Technics EBACE Exhibit #I071 GDC Technics is a world-class aircraft modification and technology company with extensive capabilities in design, engineering, manufacturing, installation, testing and certification of structural and system modifications for narrow and wide body aircraft. GDC Technics has extensive engineering capabilities through its subsidiary, GDC Engineering, in Munich, Germany. GDC Group has established GDC Middle East in Saudi Arabia. 

About GDC Engineering GDC Engineering is a leading aircraft engineering company based in Munich Germany, the company participated in the engineering of the next generation aircraft such as the Airbus A350 and the Boeing B787, given the GDC group an inherent in-house technical knowledge on next generation aircraft. In addition, GDC engineering also participated in the engineering of Airbus A380 and the Airbus A400M. GDC Engineering has completed more than 2.1 Million engineering hours is the development and design of new airplanes. 

About the Jet ConneX (JX) is Inmarsat’s new brand name for its GX Aviation-based business aviation connectivity service - the first in-flight connectivity service capable of delivering a consistent home and office experience to passengers around the world, regardless of whether they are flying over land or sea.

Contact Jacqueline Martinez, GDC Technics at or 623- 225-5820