GDC Technics Announces Cutting Edge Innovation and Technologies at NBAA 2015




 LAS VEGAS, Nov. 17, 2015 - NBAA

Strategic investments, expanding capabilities, and a range of technology breakthroughs cement GDC Technics industry leadership in modifying next generation airplanes, and will continue to drive success into 2016 and beyond as the company expands its focus on Engineering the ImpossibleSM.

The company will be discussing and showcasing a range of its technology advances during the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) convention this week in Las Vegas. These innovations include:

▪ 20% Lighter Cabins. New fabrication techniques and advanced-technology materials resulting in cabins that are 20 percent lighter than industry norms, an enormous advantage for GDC customers.

▪ Connectivity. The latest in connectivity technology for communication and entertainment integrated onto carbon-fiber and conventional aircraft platforms.

▪ 3D Printing. Lightweight, precision-crafted cabin interior and IFE components are advancing this technology from rapid prototyping to superior finished goods.

▪ 3D Engineering. Combining the latest 3D engineering software applications with GDC’s SynchronicitySM operations management tool is drastically reducing turn times for faster returns to service.

▪ Virtual Reality Design Interface Software. A full-scale, 3D interactive virtual reality design interface, on display in the GDC Technics exhibit, that is used to provide an immersive experience for customers, designers and even installation crews, at every stage of the luxury aircraft modification. The new software bridges the gap between aircraft owners, designers, engineers and production process. This cutting edge technology is on display at the GDC booth, providing an insider’s view of the interactive design tool.

Mohammad Alzeer the GDC General Partner said “From our cutting edge 3D technology to our new advances in interior weight reduction, GDC’s demonstrated its commitment to innovation and customer care and service, these innovations and new technologies are as bold and forward-thinking as the next-generation for which they are designed to be incorporated in.”

About GDC Technics NBAA Exhibit N5900 GDC Technics is a world-class aircraft modification and technology company with extensive capabilities in design, engineering, manufacturing, installation, testing and certification of structural and system modifications for narrow and wide body aircraft. GDC Technics has extensive engineering capabilities through its subsidiary, GDC Engineering, in Munich, Germany. GDC Group has established GDC Middle East in Saudi Arabia and is in the process of establishing a facility in Morocco.

About GDC Engineering GDC Engineering is a leading aircraft engineering company based in Munich Germany, the company participated in the engineering of the next generation aircraft such as the Airbus A350 and the Boeing B787, given the GDC group an inherent in-house technical knowledge on next generation aircraft. In addition, GDC engineering also participated in the engineering of Airbus A380 and the Airbus A400M. GDC Engineering has completed more than 2.1 Million engineering hours is the development and design of new airplanes.

Contact Mohammad Alzeer, General Partner, GDC Technics, or 210-712-0845 - See more at: