GDC provides global aviation services including turnkey engineering, modifications, systems development, maintenance, cabin completions and more, anywhere in the world.

Custom Aircraft Modifications

Fully in-house design, engineering, manufacturing, installation and certification of major modifications on aircraft structures, systems and cabins. GDC leads the industry in advanced engineering solutions for the most technologically sophisticated aircraft in service today: B777-300ER, B787, and Airbus A350.


State-of-the-art capabilities that support our aircraft modifications — including harness fabrication, assembly and testing.

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    Across-the-board, completely in-house manufacturing expertise that includes electrical, mechanical, structural, and machining, using sheet metal, carbon fiber, composites, alloy, and the finest materials for luxury interiors (woods, cabinetry, fixtures, finishes, hand-sewn 16g-certified upholstery and more).

  • Technical & qualification programs

    The Center offers a full schedule of technical training and regulatory qualification courses. Continuing education includes core training to meet FAA and OSHA requirements, as well as aviation maintenance technology, maintenance management and quality control management.


    Decades of experience in developing STC applications will ensure compliance with regulatory authorities' requirements.

  • MRO

    In-house FAA- and EASA-certified maintenance mastery allows us to perform MRO services on Airbus and Boeing aircraft.

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